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Davis Medical Center

What does the class include?

This program is designed to provide students with practical hands-on training and education in laboratory procedures, ethics, patient care, and the health sciences, which makes them capable of filling a diverse range of duties in the healthcare industry. Students will be instructed on clinical skills relevant to their scope of practice in a variety of healthcare settings. Program instructors with experience in the field provide training and instruction to students on many necessary skills including but not limited to: residents' rights, recognizing abuse and explaining how to deal with abuse and neglect, demonstrating good body mechanics and lifting techniques, describing sterilizing and disinfecting which will include hygiene care of the resident, bed making, feeding, foot and nail care, oral hygiene, hair care, the measuring of intake and output, proper application of bandages, dressings, vital signs, measuring temperatures.

After completion of training and receiving the program certificate, each graduate may be set for the West Virginia state exam through the testing vendor Professional Healthcare Development.  

 How do I get my CNA certification and gain employment?

What makes someone eligible for the class?

Successful completion of the interview process, reference checks, and a WVCARES background check.

What should I bring as a student?

Students need to supply a second-hand watch, scrubs, and non-skid shoes. Students can eat at the facility they are training at for a reduced fee during clinical rounds.

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